We develop and operate: Software and apps for smart data management

Through the development and operation of web-based and mobile app applications for remote plant monitoring and data evaluation, Euro MCS is also a service provider for intelligent data management and integration through to IoT processes (Industry 4.0).

The software solutions and apps make your PC or smartphone into a monitoring center.

The simple and intuitive programs offer a variety of processing and evaluation functions for simple to complex data management. The information transmitted by the Euro MCS transmission units via SMS or GPRS can be conveniently managed, evaluated and forwarded to the recipient(s) of your choice. You decide where the reports are documented and who has access to the data. You can choose between receiving all data directly on your PC, i.e. absolute data sovereignty, or a web-based data management (Euro MCS server) with access from any PC via the Internet.   

From programming interface to mobile and web app

The data management solutions from Euro MCS consist of different modules. This allows notifications from various devices to be received via text (SMS), mobile app (GPRS) or NBIoT. The transmission from the transmitter units to the server is encrypted via Deutsche Telekom’s IP Sec tunnel, via GPRS encrypted by IMSI and SID or via NBIoT via IP VPN. Euro MCS also provides programming interfaces (APIs) for data collection, organises equipment, user accounts, configures data solutions, and much more. Data and alarm notifications can be forwarded by push message or email. Data monitoring takes place via mobile app and web app via a web server at Amazon Web Services in the Frankfurt area.